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This book is a full of poems and arts which are telling the different things. The words has a magic and powers. The words can work like as a medication and counselling to the anyone. The same words and creative ideas comes in the mind of a poet and tells poet to write and express the feelings. So sometimes poet see the things of the world as well as writes poems. Than again poet thinks about past, present and future as well as creates his writing.
The poet wants to be like as a God who sits at a very far place as well as knows the happiness of the world. Sometimes God changes forms and give moral lesson to the people. Sometimes when people are doing bad works. They realize their mistakes. But who are always doing good works. They take the inspiration and motivation from God in any form. Like that poet thinks and creates ideas of different things. So Ink On Paper is also such writing of various themes of poems. 

Ink On Paper With Arts

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  • Binod Dawadi
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