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Are you a coffee-loving employee or freelancer trying to navigate the wild world of social media marketing? Well, put down your mug and pick up this book, because we�ve got the hacks, tips, and tricks you need to succeed! Whether you�re a social media newbie or a seasoned pro, our coffee-fueled approach to marketing will have you buzzing with ideas and ready to take on the competition!.
You will discover a wealth of valuable information to succeed in the world of digital marketing. It provides the essential knowledge you need like shortcuts on making your tasks easier so you�ll be able to reach deadlines (despite the load of work given by your clients).Consider this as a compilation of the golden nuggets you see online.
Java Jabs and Latte Likes::Tips and Tricks for the Modern Marketer covers all the essential topics on how we can thrive in a competitive market, and practical advice for overcoming common obstacles. This book is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to establish or grow their business.
Learn social media marketing, digital marketing, Facebook ads media buying, b2b sales, building a website (without knowing how to code!), direct response copywriting and content marketing all in this book!
So grab another cup of joe and get ready to become the ultimate social media marketing barista!

Java Jabs and Latte Likes

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  • Cheryl Lynne Arizabal
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