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A tale culled from the pages of Medieval India. In Rajsamand district near Udaipur,   Kumbhalgarh, the second largest fort in India (the first is Chittorgarh), is nestled in the lap of Aravalli hills. Kumbhalgarh a synonym of grandeur. Invincible Kumbhalgarh. Majestic Kumbhalgarh. 
Manjari, the princess of Gagnaur, was extraordinary in her undying love for the prince of Mandor with whom she was already betrothed. Her father, Palhan   married her forcefully with Kumbha as he was not in favour of antagonising the more powerful Rana of Mewar. 
As you walk through the Kumbhalgarh, the magnificent fort begins to vibrate the ill- fated love story of Manjari and Rathor prince.  They remained separated in life as in death. They were betrothed but their love could not culminate in a conjugal bond. The pride, the joy, the pain is so fresh that one will find it hard to believe that here lies a story of enduring love and longing.        
The explosive tale of a beautiful and determined princess, who learns that for her happiness, is elusive.  A tale of equally determined Rana who heads for a collision course.    They did not know that sometimes even best conceived schemes can go   astray, in a painful way.


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  • Santosh Singh
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