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Have you ever thought how it would be if you were born yesterday, at the time of monarchs and nobles, when people`s ordinary wardrobe consists of extra ordinary materials and fabulous frills?  Have you ever wished you were born same time, met a certain person, lived a life as exciting, as fascinating, as surreal as things seemed to be then?
Titled Journey To Joseon, this book is a time-travel poetic sojourn to the past of one of the most popular Korean dynasties, particularly the Joseon era. In our present time, Koreanovelas and KDramas seems to be enjoying their moment of glory and the so-called millennials are getting more glued to KPop oppas and unnies who catapulted to fame via mainstream movies being patronized worldwide. 
This book is my way of sharing that same fascination and captivation upon these old tales, by presenting them to you in my most eloquent form of expression, through poetry. Armed with enormous imagination, I try to reach a fancy world that once existed in reality, yet can simply be reminisce today. The long forgotten past that used to be the day to day existence of yesteryears was brought to the present as we once again recall what was life back then, in a recollection of fragments and sliver of their past through my poems. To all of you old souls like me, who derives pleasure in reading about old stuff, stories of long ago, lives lived in long times past, this book is for you.

Journey To Joseon

SKU: 9789357147217
  • Gigi Balita
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