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"Just as I Am (The Makings of Auditory Hallucination) is a flush out the Author's experiences.  It has been almost 11 years since she first acquired or since she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia specifically Auditory Hallucination (She was diagnosed in March 2011) but she has not yet written a book that comes close to what her sickness is all about.  To tell you honestly, basically because it is auditory hallucination, she hears voices inside her head and they sound like conversations. Basically, she thinks (this is not accurate) there are 5 voices, 1 female, 4 males.  You make think it weird but for her who is experiencing it, when she started getting sick it is as if she was “meant” to have it.  

A mammoth attempt to document the author's 11 year ordeal of battling the voices inside her head and realizing that the voices are gifts from God.  She just had to discern the biblical relevance of the conversations she hears as actual sentences or voices.  There were times in her life when she also put label on them as demonic, cultic or neurotic as she rediscover her purpose in this newfound mental state of “hearing thoughts” that are apart from her own thoughts that come from her own mind.  She will undress her mind and bare her heart and her soul and we can sojourn together this parable called “life”.


Just As I Am

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