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These Micro-Stories provide microcosms of Indian society. The stories are
extremely illuminating, thought-provoking, and intelligent, and they truly
depict societal realities. In epigrammatical style, an idea, thought, or sentiment
is presented with accuracy and cohesiveness. These are little tablets containing
doses of the pithy pointed and incisive sayings. These micros raise awareness and
bring about realization, as well as elicit, arouse, and trigger consciousness. The
realization occurs on a social, psychological, or moral level. This understanding
develops in the minds of the protagonists, as well as in the readers, and becomes
a turning point in their very existence.
The anecdotes and episodes give empathetic and incisive satire on the social,
personal, and family lives of the characters, who are frequently caught up in
some type of upheaval or fall prey to the system. There are ironic twists and
turns, and it is generally at the conclusion that some type of truth or realization
dawns on them.
These stories raise awareness about the loss of ethical and moral values
in society, as well as a sense of responsibility, the absence of which has a
detrimental effect on the quality of life as a human being. These micros uphold
the dignity of human beings while also evoking their situation and existence.
These micro-stories have captivated me greatly because of the message they
represent, the ideals they instill, the emotions they elicit, the truth that they
expose, the morals that they uphold, and the ethics and values that they foster.

“Karmayogi” and other Micro-Stories

  • Prof. Dr. Ashok Sachdeva
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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