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"Kaulayaw (Pluma) is a collection of poems written in Tagalog and Taglish.  It is the author�s first book containing all poems and morphemes or proses. She loved this book for it is the first book that showed her depth and play of words.  Read it and laugh at her humor. She turned ordinary happenings and experiences into a witty, light and poetic wonderings and musings. This is one of the author�s proudest books because of its practicality and depth. 
It is subdivided into seven chapters namely Part I: Kathang isip, Part II: Kamalayan or consciousness, Part III: Kapamilya, Part IV: Kapatid,  Part V. Kaligtasan, 
Part VI. Kaalaman, Part VII: Karanasan and Epilogue.
In this synopsis the Author will explain the context of the Book. It is a known fact that the Author was diagnosed with Schizophrenia specifically Auditory Hallucination.  The Author had an episode in October 2021 and decided to write poems that are near to her heart and the following poems were birthed.
Read the book and be mesmerized with poems written in Tagalog and English and Taglish.  If you have read the author, you will know that all of her writings are inspirational, non-fiction and she hopes that by publishing this book, you can regain a new insight on the essentials of life, the day to day grind that is turn into everyday gold with a few adjustments on attitude and character building.  She turns ordinary happenings and observations into wordplay and poetic genius that only the discerning ear can appreciate."

Kaulayaw - Dust Jacket

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