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Kia, the Karate Handbook for Kicking Kids!' is a unique Self Defence and No More Bully for any child who wants to take up a Martial Art, but maybe afraid to enter a dojo for the first time. Author and 7th Dan Black Belt Simon Morrell makes that possible. Through carefully written words and photographs, Simon teaches the reader how to master the techniques, but here is where Kia differs from over similar books. Each technique is accompanied by a digital download so the reader cab join Simon is his virtual gym and train alongside him, learning along the way Self Defence and ow to stop bullying. The confidence a child will get fro this book will give him or her the skills needed to attend an actual dojo.

Kia! the Karate Handbook for Kicking Kids - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083386
  • Simon Morrell
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