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The book 'Kilabot Files: Gabi ng Lagim' is a collection of some of Jemar's weird ideas. It focuses on the reality and some paranormal experiences. It was inspired by his idol Draven Black, a famous dark or horror writer. It consists of 5 horrifying stories. One is all about the journey of Wangas as he travelled in an unusual dream or ritual made by Hesus. Next is inspired in the pandemic (CoVid-19) in which a pagan made a ritual and create zombies. Third is about the journey of Binibini of being a prey in Garandula's bad intention. The last two stories are both focuses on psychological theme which both related to experiences of the author's friend.

Kilabot Files: Gabi ng Lagim - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083841
  • Jemar Rayter Pigar
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