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"The book ""कुछ वाहियात लेख"" is a collection of poems and some long writeups on various topics of life, love and relationships. The book tries to express the human sentiments under the adverse condition of individual and love circumstances in simple words and phrases used by common person. It depicts the dialogue between the two lovers through poetry in contemporary form and style. The contents of book are also contemporary and mostly about the youth lovers  struggling with the challenges and opportunities of their time and space on relationship. The book describes mainly the life . This has been expressed in different words and meaning in the poems of the book. The book also describes the relation between two persons which they're in relationship where they share each other's happiness and sorrow. The land and river, the sun and moon, the stars and cloud, the wind and mountain, all converse with each other while living together. The poetries of this book make a record of these conversation where they symbolize the eternal love and affection with one and only one."

Kuch Vahiyat Lekh

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  • Aishwarya Raj
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