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Indian women are bold, strong, straightforward, beautiful, and intelligent. Indian women are always in the forefront of Indian culture, religion, education, and governance. The epic of Hinduism, Ramayana and Mahabharata revolves around Sita and Draupadi. Women are also worshiped even today in the form of Goddess in many parts of India. The modern-day Indian women are progressive minded, modern, technology savvy and yet perfect homemaker and mother. Mitali Bhuyan is one of the true representatives of modern Indian women, bold, beautiful, intelligent and always stood for causes of women and fought for women�s equality and millennium development goal. Though now she is no more, she still inspires us to stand for gender discrimination and exploitation of women. This book  titled    La Indiana: Mitalai the Femme Savante is a small tribute to Mitali on her birthday by her grieving life partner.

La Indiana

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  • Devajit Bhuyan
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