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Nova da Silva moved from Dothan Alabama to Los Angeles to escape her abusive ex, Dean. She is rebuilding her life in a strange city, where she finds a new friend in her roommate Hannah and takes on a job at a nightclub to make ends meet. Due to her past, she has built high walls around her heart and has sworn to never lose herself in a man again.   Is it that easy, though?  Will she be able to resist temptation when she finds herself drawn to not only the handsome actor Matthew but also her colleague, the supposedly bad boy Dallas? Will one of them be able to tear down her walls? And if they succeed, will she overcome her insecurities in time or shall fate decide otherwise, sending both men into the arms of another? Let me love you is a romantic story that will make the reader unable to decide between a life with Matthew, Dallas, or neither, holding the reader in its grip till the end.

Let Me Love You

SKU: APR28006
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  • Paperback