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On the night of 17th January 1991, the eve of the Gulf war, Asaad travels to Baghdad in search of his college mate, Marwa, whom he loves and vanishes. Living nights of devastating and appalling bombing that turns the Iraqi capital into one of the most perilous zone, he goes on searching for her accompanied by his friend Louay and they many streets and alleys of the deserted capital in hope they chance on her or some of her relatives. 
When Asaad gets desperate to find her, he drives back home on a hazardous journey amidst bombing and destruction. He passes days hopelessly and spends time by listening to the war news and by writing letters to Marwa in the hope he will share them with her once they are back from war. At home, Louay visits him and shares with him news that Marwa and her family are captured some weeks ago by the security for no apparent reason. 
Fearing she is raped or killed by the notorious and ruthless intelligence people, Asaad decides to take revenge against the regime and its dictator. This opportunity arises when his own city joins the other cities in the north, south and middle of Iraq that declare the first ever uprising against the regime. There, revolutionists set the state buildings on fire and take control of their own cities. His next most eagerly awaited step is the regime fall so that jailed people are freed, but this becomes more inconclusive.

Letters from an Isolated Cave

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  • Ammar Al Thuwaini
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