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Liam, a seventeen-year-old boy, lives in a small town where nothing ever changes. Every day he wakes up, goes to work in his grandfather’s shop, and spends time with his friends: fiery Trinity, loudmouthed Fender, and lovable Jenny. When a terrible storm occurs one day, it brings a stranger along with it who threatens everything—and everyone—that Liam has grown to love. Slowly, and much to his horror, Liam begins to realize that the home where he once felt safe is hiding a terrible secret, and he is eventually faced with a choice: does he want to remain in blissful ignorance, or does he want to learn the truth lurking beneath the surface of his town?
What begins as a mystery turns into a mosaic that weaves together love and heartbreak, friendship and betrayal, trust and fear, and at its heart is a boy who slowly learns to face the demons of his past instead of running from them.

Liam's Town

SKU: 9789356453814
  • Marissa Dike
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