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"When you almost think of giving up, the world suddenly gives every inch of hope you need, as if telling you that no matter what, hope is not gone. That’s the thing about hope. It never really leaves. It stays to give you another chance at something and makes you believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, that hope comes from within. You feel it deeply, from the heart, especially on times when you lose all your senses on everything and the only thing you can think of doing is giving up. It comes out when the dark seems to slowly consume your light and you think you wouldn’t be able to make it out alive. It shows its beauty in little things such as flowers in bloom, the first summer rain, a sunrise, a person waking up from sleep and many others.

Hope is everywhere and if hope has a name, it would be, “everything”.

Life After Dark (Messages of Hope) is a compilation of poetry and prose written by various writers who share the same passion about hope and life. It aims to inspire people through their words, provide encouragement and simply help anyone who feels like they are alone. This is composed of a hundred creative pieces that speak about hope in different aspects and events on life such as finding love, coping with heartbreak, overcoming pain, fighting for your sanity and getting over grief. This lovely little book is your companion on life’s ups and downs."

Life After Dark

SKU: 9789356977877
  • Jessa Erandio
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