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Abi is a happy , carefree young girl who lives in a  world that is  near-perfect and filled with love and fun.She has strict parents, whose rules she obeys most of the time. But like  any other young girl her age she does get into trouble and is smart enough   to recognize her  peccadillos and even laugh at them.. Besides her pet pigeon Mirfat and her family, Abi's world consists of her dear friends and her interesting school days..
Her life is turned upside down when the war breaks out and everything she loved and cherished  are taken away in a  flash except for one dear friend and her immediate family. She is packed off  to a refugee camp where  Abi and her friend keep reminiscing about their  stable life back home.They long for normalcy, safety and find it difficult to adjust to a hard life in the refugee camp. They are  apprehensive about a future that seems so bleak and uncertain.. They try to make the best  of what they have . Probably, their  parents'; quiet resilience rubs off on the girls and they grudgingly learn to accept whatever comes their way.
But , there comes a time when hope dawns in the form of a surprise journey through unforgiving terrain and unexpected circumstances.Do they reach friendly shores? Is Abi ready to embrace a new life and a new culture? Is she yearning for one more thing that will put her mind at rest?.

Little Abi

SKU: 9789355973924
  • SreeLatha Radhakrishnan
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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