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It all starts because of a school pageant. It isn't love at first sight, but rather, like at first sight. Crest Yuran has never felt like this before, a mixture of euphoria and terror. She is used to having more attention to dealing with sibling and financial matters. The only person she ever cares about is her twin brother, Camber Yuran, whom she relies on during their years in the orphanage. Now that Hazel Green, the goddess-like human being, has entered her life, everything may start to change. She starts to think that what she feels is wrong, but the longer she hides it, the more it grows. Hazel has green eyes, but Crest knows that what she feels is something deeper than those captivating eyes.       However, she is afraid of being judged by who and what she is. The belief that what she feels is wrong is starting to suffocate her, and now she's starting to regret liking her. But one can never force themselves to stop this kind of feeling. She's the type of person to not mind what anyone says, but for some reason, she's affected by such comments. Now, fear is locking her inside a cage, and she is the only one who has the key. Will she ever get out?

Lotus Be Lotus - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084299
  • Paperback