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"Gayatri Kulkarni: A gen Z girl who has always lived under the shadow of her elder
brother Sharad; so much so that she even chose her degree and college following
in his footsteps. Although she doesn’t regret it, she wishes her parents would
understand her dream to pursue her one true passion - DANCE.
Varun Agarwal: A millennial who believes there are no shortcuts in life. He has
learned the hard way that being born into a wealthy family comes with more cons
than the world would ever understand.
She belongs to a Maharashtrian middle-class family from the suburbs. He hails
from an affluent family in South Bombay. The only common point between them
- being Mumbaikars. How do their paths cross in this city of dreams? Gayatri
believes it’s because of Abhi Agarwal, Varun’s younger brother, who also happens
to be her brother’s batchmate and close friend. But Varun has harboured a crush
on her long before they exchanged hellos and phone numbers.
Their story is a meeting of two generations and families, who are poles apart. Is
there drama involved? Gayatri is often called a drama queen by those who know
her. But after Varun’s entry into her life, she’s transformed from Miss Melodrama
to Miss Mellowed Drama. Find out all about that transition in this much-awaited
spin-off from Manali Desai’s debut novel, Love (Try) Angle, Love & (Mellow)
Drama (Love Trials-II)."

Love & (Mellow) Drama

  • Manali Desai
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