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The poetry collection Love, You Don�t Know contains 70 poems that are divided into four parts: �In a Meadow of Dreams,� �The Magic of Love,� �Pain,� and �My Sky of Melancholy.� The poems reveal emotions and sensations in different moments of my life: joy and happiness, melancholy and despair. This book is like a diary in verses. There are poems dedicated to love and its nuances: light and shadows. There are cloudy days of melancholy, but there is also an attempt to live another different day, to pursue and find happiness.


Several poems are dedicated to my parents, to the memory of my mother (the emptiness and the sufferings that accompanied my days when she passed away), and to that love that never vanishes but always lives in one�s spirit and heart.


The main leitmotif is represented by nostalgia for my country of origin and love, the latter meant in the broadest and most universal sense. Everything flows at a fast pace in a frenetic everyday life that doesn�t give time to think about ourselves, often setting us before great challenges. Some kinds of love exist beyond any logic and beyond death, just as there are affections that are born and die in an instant. What remains after love is gone is the memory that never abandons us.


This collection of poems, written in a simple and flowing style, tries to reveal the complexity of human feelings. The words arrive directly and easily to the readers. They focus on everyday moments, pure love, and the beauty of nature. The verses accompany the reader in discovering near and distant lands but much more in an internal journey to know the anima�its feelings, sensations, and emotions that often remain inside us in a hectic, alienating daily life.

Love, you don't know - Dust Jacket

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  • Irma Kurti
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