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Andrea smith met a guy at a subway train when she was 12 years old. She and the guy became close friends until the mysterious guy just disappeared. After 6 years, she met a guy who always reminds her of the guy that he met at the subway. But at that time, she became clueless about everything that happens around her. Markus used to make her happy every time that they were together and they became close when they got into a relationship. But when things get miserable and indescribable, what will she do? Markus Hakenson changed her life. But is she going to give up once that she finds out about everything and every heartbreaking reason that Markus will state to her? Is she going to give up? Or is she going to fight, in the name of love? Will she still feel normal after everything that happened in the past?
Andrea is just an ordinary girl who makes mistakes like all the other girls. She is also someone who gets hurt when she is experiencing something deep inside. Andrea is simple but strong enough to face the challenges that she has in her life. But in life, in love, will she show her courage and courageously face all the challenges that destiny has to give?

Loved You Once

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