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Every life has a tale to tell. However the sad point is that in most cases there is no one to communicate it to the world at large. Maa is an absolutely authentic, transparent and honest memoir of my mother but it is certainly not something to be kept personal and not public because the story and the learning it contains is immense and that is very much essential for each and every such woman of this country at least who believe that their family is more important than they themselves. It is learning for every such woman who digest many unpalatable events in their life with a pinch of agony thinking there will be better times ahead and thus losing out on life and what it has to offer. Maa tracks the journey of my mother since her birth and the important events that take place in her life. How her life keeps molding for the worse with the passage of time and finally how circumstances disallow her to lead a decent and peaceful life.


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  • Dr Kisholoy Roy
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