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Legend says that if you call out his name at exactly 11:11, he?ll appear infront of you and will grant your wish. 

Althea Morales is an independent student who works as a part-time student and lives alone in an apartment away from his biological father, accidentally called out a name one evening. And in a blink of an eye, she came face-to-face to a guy her age holding a cup of milktea. 

The legend says that it will be a kind spirit who will happily comply to her demands and will grant her wishes without any complains. But, unluckily for her, she must have called a different guy.  Well, because the said wish granter was like a ticking-bomb, always complaining, has a very foul mouth and brash personality. How will she deal with a guy who lived for almost 200 years with a strange addiction to cakes and milktea?s?

Made a Wish at 11:11 - Dust Jacket

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  • Paperback