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This book specifically addresses issues relating to mindset barriers such as: fear, failure, mediocrity, bad choice, procrastination etc standing on the way to a glorious future. These barriers will prevent a man from attaining or accomplishing his aims, ambitions and aspirations in life while fulfilling God�s purpose on earth. The mindset of a true champion is different in many ways to that of a loser or a quitter. A true champion never quits until the ultimate goal is achieved or attained and never settles for less. He is always consistent and persistent in setting his mind and affection on God the sole sustainer and strength in times of storms and challenges. More so, possess the attribute and attitude of �I can do it!� The choices, actions and decisions we make go a long way to affect our life and people around us. Of cause, by your attitude and mindset people know who you are and what you can do. Getting to the top requires doing things competently while staying at the top requires doing things consistently and persistently overtime without relenting.
Likewise, this user manual draws practical principles, step-by-step strategies and divine nuggets from life and biblical examples which transform mindset from negative to positive one. Surely, the world needs a true champion in all fields of life and endeavours like you! Arise and shine the light! Anything that captures the mind will master the mind.

Mastering the Champion's Mindset

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