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It?s nearly the end of the year when I met an unexpected person who changed me, who made me realized what and who I am. I am Ali Michael, A not so popular guy, doesn?t know how to court. He is Lee Miguel, A jolly person who can uplift someone?s mood by just smiling. We met unexpectedly at an unexpected time. He made me realize that love has no gender. It was indeed a magical moment when Christmas Eve changed my life and my Year. Let?s find out how Lee and I build our relationship stronger than storms. Me after you. You will see the worth of something if its already gone. You will notice their efforts when you felt like they don?t care about you anymore. I love him and everyone knows that I am happy every time I see him smiling. But everything changed when his smiles turned into tears and I am the reason behind it. The love we had slowly died He fell in love with me but I cannot deny that I fell harder. What will happen to me and Lee?

Me After You - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084259
  • Paperback