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What would you do if you were the only one who survived an accident?
What would you do if you came back from the dead?
And what would you do if you start seeing dead people, hearing cries from the dead?
Irish Stephen, is a Mass-communication, college student, and accident survivor. She mysteriously comes back from the dead when the bus that they were riding going to Baguio for their documentary project, fell on the cliff making it a wreck. All her friends, colleagues, including her boyfriend, died. After the accident, her life is never been the same. People call her �lucky� and �Lazarus� for surviving the accident but for her. It�s a curse because since the accident her life changed. Her life became weird and mysterious that made her aloof to people because she knows that there is something wrong inside of her. She starts seeing dead people, having visions, and hearing unwanted voices that she thought it is just an effect of the accident that happened to her a year ago. That gave her trauma and creep her out but she was wrong. When she starts discovering what happened to her with the help of her friend; Devon David that soon became her boyfriend and Luna. A born male, a practitioner who knows about spiritual awakenings and soul connecting. When she discovers what happened to her. She realized that it is all connected to her life. Find out how it happened. Here in Mortem from I.B.LOYOLA.


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