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A brutal, despicable serial killer has struck a quiet neighborhood in Kolkata. And when teenager Abhik Burman finds a bloody knife hidden in the house he shares only with his estranged mother Lipi, he begins to suspect her. The investigation unfolds, clues are uncovered, but Lipi proffers innocuous explanations for each one. As Abhik races to find irrefutable evidence against his mother, he discovers a plot spanning generations, affecting a family fundamentally fractured. Abhik faces the ultimate dilemma: believe his mother and reconcile with her, or trust the mountain of evidence against her and turn her in? Trust his heart and lose his mind, or trust his mind and lose his heart? Whichever side he takes, the consequences will be dire.

Motherson - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083410
  • Chandrayan Gupta
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