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Life moves from one moment to another. The duration of every moment may, however, vary. Sometimes, a moment feels like a decade, but sometimes, it flies in a split second. Some moments are to be cherished lifelong, whereas some moments are best forgotten. Just one movement of love can make the whole life well-lived. However, a moment of anger can render years of good relationships futile. But nothing is stays forever. Change is the only constant element, as moments keep moving from one to another. The poems under 'Movement In Moments' situations pertaining to love, hatred, despair, courage, freedom, thoughts, feelings, and the divine. The poet has tried to convey the subtle meaning of love that sets one free instead of binding the lover and the loved one. In other poems, he advises never to give up and keep walking towards one's goal, notwithstanding troubles and agony.

Movement In Moments - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083125
  • Kuldeep Sharma