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"Go through the pain.
Go through the loneliness-
Until you find yourself stronger than before;
Until you find yourself comfortable with being alone; Until you find yourself smiling and laughing again, Even without the company of another hand to hold."
-And they say hyper-independence is a trauma response
-An Ode to the Fallen, Anjel Reyes
"Come and sit with me,
As we sing this unsung melody.
The voice of victors and fallen heroes, Of silent battles, of stories untold.
Come and sing our requiem. For the souls of our dearly beloved. The ones who succumbed thyselves to the dark, The once who fought for a scant of light."
-Unsung Melody, Katrine Madayag


  • Anjel Reyes & Katrine Madayag
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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