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This collection of poems is a reflection of the emotions, experienced by the poet, in a picturesque valley. As is evident from the title, all the poems of this collection were written in the valley itself. The book contains a collection of around 80 poems of different genres. Couplets, free verse, quatrains and more. This collection is a perfect blend of both rhyming and non-rhyming poems. The poems are about finding and losing love and friendship. It's about finding and losing oneself too. In fact, the poems were written during an amber period of love and love lost. The collection is about rediscovering oneself during this period of transition. The poems in this collection reveal the ecstasy, turbulences and vulnerabilities, the poet was going through, during some moments of truth in his life. The moments, which redefine our realities. The moments when one is made to stand at the crossroad; when people redefine their boundaries.    
The collection is sure to incite a plethora of emotions among the readers, as they will be able to relate to their standings at different points of their lives.

Musings from the Valley - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083156
  • Kaushik Ghosh
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