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The book is all about the different poems that came from the Facebook page, Utterance of the Heart. These have been written in various topics in both English and Filipino mediums. Some of them were entries in the online writing contests which included in different rankings and special awards. Words that were formed on these poems came from the heart.
As you read this book, you flip the pages and you are going to set your eyes on every line that will make your heart skip a beat. Everytime your heart speaks, always take good notes. One of the memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Those words you cannot utter from your heart but easily connect your mind are the most powerful weapon you can ever have. This book is for all of you, Poem Lovers!
Different emotions will be shown here that absolutely touch your heart. This book gives you inspiration. Whatever you are facing right now, may the words lift up your spirit with hope, joy, peace, and most importantly love � the greatest gift of all.
Is not it a beautiful place to live in, if in your heart you planted love?
My First Book of Poetry: Utterance of the Heart offers you a variety of Poems that will inspire you to live a life, not just exist. There is always a silver lining in every disadvantage in life. The way is to write your heart out through poetry. Write to inspire you. Read to gain knowledge. Inspiration and knowledge you can share to others.
�Let the pen bleed � form words from the heart.�

My First Book of Poetry

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