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My Mother Tongue is Silence is a rainbow of emotions, a steep ride into the ocean of a woman's subjectivity. As a collection it contains poems that are deeply introspective in a language and style that is painstakingly mundane. The poet tries to fulfill her duty as an artist to mirror the evils of the society, while not shying away from dealing with the demons of her own mind that have held her captive. Each poem, a different shade of gray extracted from the ruthless life of a millennial imbued with the colour of honesty. From dealing with anxiety and anger to the generational trauma women are thrown into the world with, from romanticizing the twilight to submerging one's self in the darkness of black, the poet has put all her genuine feelings unabashedly on display. The poems experiment with language, lyricism and even structure and each is testament to the poet's battle with the society and herself, at large. An anthology that will inevitably make one contemplate, reflect but more than that, feel what lies beneath the skin hardened through experiences.

My Mother Tongue is Silence

  • Shalini Chakraborty
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