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Nabeel, a cherubic nine-year-old in the heartland of Singapore, is the proud owner of a couple of hamsters. Though an active child, his forgetfulness is often annoying to his teachers. Graduating to Primary 4 has proved not so good for him as he is separated from Ajit and Brendon�his best friends since Class P1.
In a curious city-wide phenomenon, the city�s docile dogs have become ferocious and are biting people around them, eventually leading to the dogs� death. Nabeel is perturbed when his grandmother gets bitten by their neighbour�s cuddly dog. When the number of dog-biting cases increase in the city, as part of the educational program, Nabeel�s class teacher plans a day�s trip to a popular island to study some of its flora and fauna. The entire Primary 4, including Nabeel�s best buddies, arrive in a motorboat to the island.
Nabeel carries his hamster pets in a box to the trip and lets them out to find food in the fields. While looking for his pets, Nabeel gets separated from his fellow classmates and lands in a secret den with people engaged in unscrupulous activities. What he witnesses in the secret factory is as unnerving as astounding for him. Will he be able to find his way out of the factory and the island? Will the pets return to him? Will the city solve the unnerving dog-biting case?
This mystery adventure story of young children is an entertaining read for the young and old alike.

Nabeel and his famous adventure

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