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After building a multispecialty hospital with a Nationally successful brand , Dr Rahul Mitra has one challenge which is threatening the growth and the success of his project � Neem Baba. A penniless man , without a home and means of living, whom Dr Rahul Mitra likes to think as a quack doing medical fraud stands in between his goal of building one of the most successful hospital in India. To get through this challenge he poaches one of the best marketing mind from his competitor organization, Arnab Roy Chaudhuri, that he could save his face, and build his reputation in front of Group chief Dr. Gopal Subhramaniam. But things take a different turn which nobody expected. Can Dr Mitra remove his obstacles and win over Neem Baba to make his hospital successful ? Could Arnab Roy Chaudhri help him to reach where Dr. Mitra wants to reach ? Will Dr Gopal Subhramaniam trust Dr Mitra ? 
As the story unfolds we come to know about many backstories and we understand why the people are acting the way, they are acting. The narrative goes back and forth in time, and gives a deeper perspective on Indian Healthcare and also Indian Environmental Issues.

Neem Baba

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