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"Thi s? c?ng kh�ng k�u than v? nh?ng ?i?u t?i t? hay ?au ??n m� �ng ph?i g?p tr�n ???ng. Ho�ng V? Thu?t nh�n th?t s�u v�o nh?ng ?au ??n ?y, ?? x�c quy?t: ?au ??n kh�ng ph?i l� m?t c?n ???ng m� l� m?t m�n qu�. �Ng??i c�u gi� v� th? l� m?t m�n qu� t? ?au ??n, d? nhi�n c? h?nh ph�c tr?n ai, nh�u nh�, b?m d?p v� tr�n t?t c?, n� t?a ra th? �nh s�ng tri?t h?c t? m?t v?ng tr�n hi?n nh�n.
(Nh� ph� b�nh tr? Nguy�n T�)

The poet does not complain about the bad or painful things that he encountered on the roads. Hoang Vu Thuat looks deeply into those pains, to decide: the pain was not a hindrance but a gift. The ""wind catcher"" is therefore the gift from pain, and of course including happiness, rudeness and above all, it radiates a philosophical light from a sage's forehead.
(Critic Nguyen To)"

Ng??i c�u gi� The wind catcher - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082739
  • Hoang Vu Thuat
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