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"‘Nobody Dies Tonight’ is a collection of articles written by the
author between May 2020 and April 2021 to serve as a fitness
manual created by a runner during the Covid-19 pandemic.
It is a humble tribute by him to all those who supported and
encouraged each other to create a better world during the
pandemic. All the articles were related to fitness and running.
The author considered with deep conviction in his heart that the one
probable reason why he came out a survivor in the pandemic was his
penchant for running since 2008 as a 48-year-old.
It took a certain amount of courage for the author to wake up early
morning and run solo on remote roads, roof-tops, terraces, parking
lots and inside his home during the lockdown. The author wrote the
articles with three basic aspects in mind. One, to cover the scientific
aspects of running, like running posture, running cadence, mechanics
of breathing, lactate threshold and maximum oxygen uptake. Second,
nutrition was covered under myths on carbohydrates, importance of
vitamins and minerals, vegan diet and eating for better performance.
Third, being a 60-plus runner, he made sure to include subjects on
exercise and longevity, importance of sleep and the older runner.
He was also candid enough to give his own interpretation of the
pandemic both during 2020 and 2021 separately related to running.
There was also a common-sense approach to selecting running
shoes, understanding diabetes and a controversial deliberation on
blood doping."

Nobody Dies Tonight

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