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The Hungarian poet Sándor Halmosi has the unique style. Each verse attracts readers by mystic word, normal word, and the space between words also. It is a challenge for us to discover the various layers of meanings each time of reading his poems. From love poems to philosophical-spiritual-apocryphical poems…, 200 selected poems of this book shows his authentic journey through different worlds, spaces, times. He not only cares about his style, but also most about the breath of life. He respects pure emotion and value in poetry. That’s why we can find a new meaning of his poems accordant with our emotions, cultural knowledge at the moment we read them again. His poems open up introspective dialogues, giving readers a chance to reflect on their inner happiness.
(Writer Kiều Bích Hậu)

Not to go Mad

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  • Sándor Halmosi

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