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Stories are fascinating little bits of history that play out in several ways. Sometimes they are reflected as kaleidoscopic refractions that catch one's attention fleetingly and at other times a string of experiences that stay forever. Long forgotten dreams, is an endeavour to showcase the alluring tug that I always felt especially as a child which unfolds even today when a story either stirs my soul, gets me thinking or takes me on intriguing flights of fancy. Punctuating these experiences was the persistent urge to share the 'feeling of feeling a story'. A good story strikes like a bolt of lightning, yanking one out of eons of slumber, or perhaps light as a feather it leaves an imprint that surfaces every now and then. Reminiscing and retracting: reimagining and refurbishing is the bedrock of all the stories in this collection of Long forgotten Dreams ensuring that the reader reaches a destination of choice as they maneuver through its intrepid pages. Life is more often than not a Catch 22 situation: therefore 22 short stories have been carefully written, shaped and culled out of the threads intricately entwined in my heart and mind; each unique and independent in its own way yet with a very distinct thread running through them: holding all the independent and fiercely different characters together; sometimes places calling out loud and clear, sometimes just subtly making sure the reader notices the change, the fluttering heart, the quietude of a moment and the solemn and surreal, woven like an elaborate flying silk carpet that touches the clouds, bounces upon the rainbow and quietly sails away.

Of Long Forgotten Dreams

SKU: 9789357704038
  • Suverchala Kashyap
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