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On the Wings of a Butterfly is both a therapeutic and �therapoetic� collection for adults and married couples. It is a collection of lovely and romantic poems written to appeal to your senses and inspire wholesome romance within you, awakening your hormones to an amazing intimacy between you and your spouse; restoring love in order to reduce the rate of infidelity, heartbreaks and divorce in our society. It is therefore advisable to read it with your spouse.Furthermore, this collection includes poems that lament the pains and experiences of broken love experienced by many, especially youngsters, This book, therefore,captures moments of brokenness, joy and overwhelming love, presenting them
with clear-cut words evoking vivid images in the minds of the readers. This book promises to tickle your emotions, bringing joy to your heart and smiles on your face as you read. It contains loaded lines of potent poems that no doubt hope to entertain, inform and educate you on matters of love and romance.

On Wings of a Butterfly - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083262
  • Samuel Onyeche