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"One Sunset Memoir

Gazing at the sunset brings comfort to Dianne hoping for a brighter tomorrow to come. She and Vince would regularly watch the setting of the sun and together they build dreams.  They are childhood friends. Her contrasting personality versus that of Vince further strengthened their friendship. But more than friendship, she secretly admired and loved Vince, the epitome of her ideal man. Vince restless heart, not into commitment with the different women in his life, restricts Dianne not to reveal her feelings towards him.

Abandoned by their father, Vince had to set aside his dreams. With his looks and body, he was forced into sex trade to support his family. They are now world apart, same with their friendship, but her love for him remains. That one fateful night with Vince shattered her dreams. Escape was her only way to start a new life in the big city. Here she met Paul, a handsome guy with a semblance of Vince. Smitten with Paul�s charm she decided to give herself another chance to be in love. 

When she taught that she is now ready to fall in love again. Her unexpected encounter with Vince, rekindled her love for him. But Vince is now committed to Cosette and things are no longer the same anymore. The death of Cosette changed her perspective about justice. This is when Vince was framed to murder his lover. Jailed, tortured and salvaged, his remains was nowhere to be found. 

Dianne with a heavy heart has to go back to her hometown to be the bearer of sad news to the family of Vince. In just 3 three years being away, so much has changed � the place, people and her childhood memories. Then the revelation that beyond friendship, she was loved and adored by Vince since childhood. Moving on was never easy, but Paul was always there to comfort her. Their wedding was cancelled when Paul showed up. He escaped death not to avenge, but to seek justice. Dianne is his only hope to attain justice thru legal means. Paul was quick to offer help even if he has apprehension where this shall lead him in Dianne�s heart. 

Connections, power, money and betrayal all lead to Vince and the killer�s tragic deaths. Justice may have been served unconventionally, but the dreadful experience witnessing the event was traumatic not only for Dianne but also for Vince family.

That One Sunset Memoir of Vince is still haunting Dianne. In her solitude, watching every sunset now brings her sorrow and pain. Will Paul be enough reason for her to await sunset with hope and peace just like she used to do? 


One Sunset Memoir - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083175
  • Dante Villanueva Aguilar