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Uga Azi, an age of destruction and ignorance is here. Alamuo would fall by the sword of the son of her soil, Omenike. Nze Okoye knows that Kambili is among those chosen to destroy Uga Azi and so he had trained her for this time. When Omenike kills Nze Okoye and his wives, he takes Kambili as a captive. But Kambili is rescued by Ikemefuna, the village hero and on their way to a safe camp, they are taken by the Efulefus, slave traders. 
Kambili is sold to Hubert whose wife, Margaret is so full of vile for Kambili. She overcomes Margaret, ends the evil in the farm and falls in love with Curtis, her master�s son. And now, would Kambili still remember her mission? To rise with the sun in the minds of the future people of  Alamuo, to destroy Uga Azi and wake her people?

Ora the rising sun

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  • Chioma Adaora
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