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Dhi's Nine Personas intends to guide the 
reader/querent through the wisdom of the nine personalities created by the author's alter-ego, inspired by what the nine numbers of numerology stand for. 
With vibrantly painted portraits that are original artworks of the author, and the simple storytelling of parables, this oracle beautifully communicates the wisdom of an oracle, being an instrument through which the universe shall communicate with you. It is meant to be your sagacious friend and compass, guiding your journey, every step of the way and helping you cope with life. 
Saudamini Mishra a.k.a Dhi is a bestselling author of three books and an award-winning artist/ illustrator from New Delhi, India. 
Some of her artworks-- a combination of text and painting, and her self-portrait 'Dhi'-- her alter ego and the narrator of her works ( that had also won a prize in Florida in the year 2018),  are permanently displayed at IGI Airport, T3, New Delhi, India. She designs the covers of her books and illustrates them herself.
Additionally, Saudamini has worked as a professional psychic, having invented her method of Soul-Painting shortly after graduating from college, and has taught the same professionally. She is also the inventor of Oracle Numerology.

Oracle of Dhi's Nine Personas - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083864
  • Saudamini Mishra
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