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This year was supposed to be about me being out of the spotlight and minding my own business, not about me French kissing one of the school�s most hated kids in the back of the burner room! 
Yasmina shut the door in my face. 
�You better not lock�� the click was loud enough for me to roll my eyes. �The door.�
After a controversial start to the New Year, Kendall Riddick has to navigate her first senior year at Riveria Boarding School while trying to avoid her ex girlfriend and former best friend on campus. But none of that is easy, as a not so unfamiliar stranger decides to enrol into the school...and guess what? She�s Kendall�s room-mate. And if there�s one thing Kendall has learned about sharing a room with a complete �stranger� is that room-mates don�t kiss, right? 

Ordinary Human Beings

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