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It's been seven years since Stanley F. Corpuz, a licensed professional teacher and a certified coffee lover, left his province as he embraced his college studies in Manila due to educational opportunities. However, alongside his decision were his friends - Athena F. Niedo, Erish Cassandra E. Capacia, Queen Nichola H. Carandang, and Hannah Bless I. Capacia - who were also left. Things went as it was, but distance had weakened their connection over time. As Stanley takes a leave from his job to reconcile with his friends, he realizes how the situation has changed among the five of them, with each dealing with their personal lives and problems.
As they began the new chapters of their lives, will they ever find their old selves again despite their individual struggles as young adults? Will they all be ready to talk about the fears and tears of the last seven years over a cup of coffee?

Over a Cup of Coffee - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083212
  • Jereve Espina Bayaborda
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