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Is paradise a place or a feeling? This is a question 22-year-old Savana Deans struggles with when she discovers an extraordinary world, Paradise, through a portal. It?s a land that lacks imperfection. Money doesn?t matter, pollution and climate change don?t exist with the magical methods of transportation and neither do diseases. She begins to realize that nothing can lack imperfection when her world had to fall apart for her to find Paradise while pregnant with her toxic ex?s child and looking for love that understands her. Reuniting with her brother who was reported missing would have done just that, but this world has much more planned for her than she expects. She has two men interested in her romantically despite her situation. There?s the sweet and charming bakery owner, Aidan Benson, who checks off all her boxes in the prince she dreamed of finding after reading so many fairytales as a child. Not to mention, her first love, the reckless, kindhearted, Caleb Daniels, who left her without an explanation when they were only kids. With so many secrets, exes, baggage, much sabotage, and jealousy, this world is deemed to be anything but perfect with people full of flaws. After all, these aren?t two random men but ex-best friends for very good reasons. Savana is given less than a week in her time, a year in this world, to not only find the love she is missing in her life but to decide if this is a world she wants to live in permanently. She must decide if this is a world to raise her child in, possibly leaving the father back home. Will she find all she is looking for in a world that might not even be real or go back home feeling more damaged than ever before?

Paradise Lost - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083568
  • Julia Vellucci