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The Whispering Language in Dr Pragya Suman Poetry By Anwer Ghani We have always been dazzled by the beauty of poetry, but since the advent of the prose poem, poetry has become another concept, and language has become more powerful and manifested in clearer forms, and has become the focus of beauty, and the center of creativity.  I have dealt realistically with beautiful forms of the language of prose poetry, some of which were insurmountable. 
By following the language written by the Indian author Dr Pragya Suman, I always felt that she was whispering in her rhetoric and words. And this whisper takes many forms and images. It is nice to follow those pictures and forms to see this enrichment in this beautiful color and unique language.  The whispered language is manifested in images that do not tend to sharpness, and many aspects of it are deferred, and the revelation reaches the recipient through reverberations and jolts far from indoctrination, with whisper words and subtle meanings. Every follower of Pragya

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