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Risimei Tantay is a patriotic woman, owner and founder of the largest commercial television broadcasts in Southeast Asia�RTN. She is near to the heart of Filipinos, for she gave her whole to fight for them in every battle she known�coated with pride and dignity, armored with the reputation she built for years; will she survived the war against her own will? Little did she know, the government that she protecting isn't the only government existing. There is a Godfather, there is a President... both lead but in different government. Then, the world inaugurated her identity�who is really she? She begins asking... as she felt her heart beating to a man that off her limit�a man who got his pleasure in fraud. Love, like rain does not choose a grass on which it falls. It's raining bullets, swords and excuses. Who is she going to save, her motherland and its people or... the tyrant that she wants to protect?

Pleasure in Fraud

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