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The 1st Warang Poetry Anthology invites readers on a captivating poetic journey through the vast spectrum of human emotions and experiences. This compilation artfully weaves together diverse poems, each a shimmering gem in its own right, crafted by master wordsmiths of our time: W. J. Manares | Marvin Wrighttee | KwiinMartha | Kristi June | Cherselle | Rhemaveal S. Bonifacio | Haya Jhie | ROSEANDTULIPS31 | ziniriya | DManunulat | Christian Dave Amada From the tender innocence of first love to the searing pain of heartbreak, these verses explore the raw depths of human connections. Joyous celebrations of nature's beauty entwine with contemplative reflections on life's impermanence, reminding us to cherish every moment. Amidst the verses, dark shadows cast by grief, war, and loss are bravely confronted, fostering empathy and understanding. Editors: Marvin Wrighttee & W. J. Manares Compiler: W. J. Manares Unveiling vivid portraits of the human spirit, the anthology delves into themes of resilience, hope, and the quest for meaning. Diverse poetic forms paint a vivid tapestry that embraces readers from all walks of life. Offers solace, inspiration, and an everlasting appreciation for the enduring power of poetry. Book Cover Art: Kristi June

Poetry Anthology

  • W. J. Manares
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