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How can we recover the lost glory? What does it take one to                   survive in this evil generation?                  
O! God of heaven, let the GETHESEMANE prayer secret                   be revealed. Can we really rise above the ground to climb the mountain of honor and reign with Christ in the high places of life? There is an emergency call (for GETHSEMANE WARRIORS). Some Christians have been crippled by the world of sin and evil while many are already spiritually dead. Where are the men and women who are willing to discover the Gethsemane Secret and pray the church of our time out of the devil�s bondage and manipulations? God wants you to be spiritually alive burning with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Only then can you be a victor and never a victim. You too can be a victor walling in the power and the glory of God. This is what this passage has in store to lift you up from the dust to the mountain top.

Prayer And It�s Cardinal Secrets

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