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No one expects a fifteen year old to be capable of murder, right? Well, that�s where society would be wrong...  Meadow Carter is a nineteen year old who is forced to do a second round of high school. She isn�t the only one as her best friend is in the same fucked up position. She�s one of those people who think you should go against the system at all costs. Or at least, she starts to believe that. What she never thinks is she�ll discover secrets of those closest to her. Her best friend is Dani Halle. She gets a lot of grief for her skin color and what she likes. She isn�t one to lay down to take it easier, but she�s not as over the top about it as Meadow. She has a boyfriend along with good grades. Her life doesn�t change much until the Martin family comes into her life. Meadow has known Oso Martin for part of her life. Off and on. She doesn�t know he has siblings until a camping trip. She along with Dani are sucked into a mystery when the likes of Izzy Martin is bullied. She will come to discover that Izzy isn�t just an autistic, artistic, intelligent boy.  Could Izzy be a pretty little nightmare waiting to happen? Or is it all one big misunderstanding? 

Pretty Little Nightmare

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  • Paperback