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�Just left away, left away...�
- As a daily chant when people face the dark habits of the mind. Giving up a habit in daily life is difficult, but giving up a dark habit in the soul is even more difficult. And most of us don�t do that fully because the time for us to recognize what is dark habit, what is the real life stream in our soul takes most time of our life. It seems that it is only when we begin to fall that we realize a little something real about life because most of the time we live, eat, play, and cry. So how to quickly recognize that?
How to get rid of the dark habits in the soul? Poet Phan Hoang has an answer in his poetry.
(Poet Nguyen Quyen)

Questioning the Habits - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083451
  • Phan Hoang

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